What are the competition timelines?

The competition opens for submissions of solutions on July 1st 2017 and ends on October 15th 2017. Evaluation of solutions will be done between October 16th – November 15th, 2017. Notice to competition winners will be given on November 30th, 2017. Final ceremony is planned during December 2017 (an exact date will be notified during November 2017).

Are there any preconditions to compete?

There are no preconditions. Everyone, from any discipline can submit a solution. Solvers should read and sign the Terms of Use and privacy policy before submission. In order to have a comprehensive understanding of the challenges, it is recommended to read and gain background knowledge in the selected field or therapeutic area.

How do I submit a solution?

If you have an idea or solution to any of the challenges, enter into the page of the specific challenge and click "submit solution" at that page. Fill the solution form properly and submit directly through the website

Can I submit more than one solution?

Yes! First, we encourage you to participate in more than one challenge. And second, you can submit unlimited number of solutions to the same challenge, as long as they are different.

What happens after I submit a solution?

Once the competition is closed for additional submissions, all solutions will be reviewed by our professional evaluators. If your solution will be found as best addressing the described challenge, you will be approached by RISE team for further information. If you did not get any feedback, you are welcome to contact us one month after submission deadline.

Who will evaluate my solution?

All solutions will be reviewed by our professional evaluator team which comprises experts from various disciplines (Medical, Business, Marketing, Innovation and Research) from Teva pharmaceuticals and SANARA Ventures. You are welcome to see our evaluator panel.

What are the terms of use?

The terms of use are described here. You are requested to review these terms before submitting your solution and sign that you agree to them. If you need further clarifications or have more questions, please contact us here

What are the next steps?

Solutions that will be selected by our professional team (see selection criteria) will be invited to a workshop (either physical or virtual) in which RISE professional team will guide and instruct the solvers how to promote their idea into a product. Prizes for the challenges' winners will be granted in December 2017.

What is the award policy?

In order to encourage you to participate and contribute, we offer financial awards. The facilitator (RISE team) together with evaluators will decide which solution has addressed the challenge in an optimal manner (selection criteria) and grant the prize accordingly. The prize can be divided among few teams according to professional considerations.

What are the selection criteria for winning solution?

Each solution will be ranked according to several parameters such as benefit to the patients, novelty, estimated cost to the patient, complexity of implementation, estimated time to market and estimated development cost. If other considerations are involved they will be usually specified in the challenge page. Review process will be monitored by a reputable auditor.

How can I submit confidential supporting materials?

Your submitted solutions should contain NON-CONFIDENTIAL material only. In case that you wish to share CONFIDENTIAL supportive material, we would be glad to review it under NDA. If this is the case, please send us mail to rise.challenge@teva.co.il or contact us and we will reply with further details.