Terms of Use

1. Competition Official Rules
1.1 By submitting an application form and entering this Competition, candidates agree to abide by all terms and conditions of these RISE challenges 2017 Competition Official Rules (the “Official Rules”). The laws of the State of Israel shall govern this competition.

1.2 Applications will be considered if submitted in accordance with these rules and by the submission deadline. Late submissions will not be considered.
2. Facilitator
2.1 The Competition is organized and facilitated by RISE group of Teva pharmaceuticals, located at 1 Hatena Street, Shoham, Israel (the “Facilitator”).
3. Aim of the Competition
3.1 The aim of the competition is to surface and promote novel solutions for healthcare challenges and unmet patient needs.
4. Eligibility/Candidacy/Technological Focus
4.1 The Competition is open to students, physicians, researchers, clinicians, engineers and others.

4.2 A team must designate a team leader, who will be the representative of the team throughout the process of the Competition.
5. The Process
5.1 In order to be eligible for the Competition, a team must submit an application on www.risechallenge.healthcare during the period from Jul 1, 2017 to Oct 15, 2017.

5.2 All applications will be reviewed by a committee of experts (the “ Evaluation Committee”). Upon completion of the evaluation process, the Evaluation Committee will compose a list of finalists who will be invited to a meeting (either physical or virtual) to define, design and improve their proposed solution. Up to 1(one) finalists per challenge will be selected, although the number of finalists is subject to change at any time by the Facilitator.

5.3 The identity of the winner of the Competition will be announced no later than the end of Dec 2017.

6. Competition Schedule Deadline (All In 2017)
Action Due Date
Start solutions submission July 1
Application deadline Oct 15
Committee deadline Nov 15
Informing the selected participants Nov 30
Finalist ceremony Dec 30

7. Award
7.1 The Award is intended to recognize innovativeness and significant solution/product.

7.2 The team leader of each winning team of the Competition will be awarded in the defined prize as will be published on the website.

7.3 The Facilitator shall have the sole discretion to make all decisions with regard to the grant of the Award, including the determination of the date of grant, the date of realization of the Award, the duration of the Award, and any other details regarding the Award. The winners shall not have any rights or claims against the Facilitator in this regard.

7.4 The Facilitator may choose not to grant the Award to the winning teams, may cancel the Award or the Competition, in whole or in part, in any case where it is suspected that a candidate or a participant, including the winning team, directly or indirectly acted (in this matter) contrary to these Official Rules, in bad faith or committed an offense or illegal act, in connection with their participation in any stage of the Competition, all at the discretion of the Facilitator.

7.5 The winner is responsible for payment of all taxes relating to the prize, according to any relevant law.  
8. Use of Personal Information and Information
8.1 The personal information of the participants in the Competition (including the winning teams), will be saved in the Facilitator’s offices, which will use the personal information according to the privacy and use of information policy used by the Facilitator.

8.2 By participating in the Competition, the candidate grants the Facilitator an irrevocable right to use any information provided by the participating team in connection with the Competition, in any way, at its sole discretion, including for the purpose of publications and presentation of the information by the Facilitator or anyone on its behalf (including commercial and advertising information), in accordance with any applicable laws and regulations, including the Privacy Protection Law 1981. (in case additional information which the participants want to keep confidential may be relevant- it may be delivered, subject to the terms of an NDA if executed by the parties)  

8.3 Participants will not be entitled to any payment, reward, salary or compensation of any kind in the event that the Facilitator has used their information, including for the purpose of publications or advertisements.

8.4 By participating in the Competition, each participant agrees to deliver to the Facilitator their full information and to be interviewed in connection with the winning the Competition. In addition, by participating in the Competition, all participants hereby grant the Facilitator an irrevocable, perpetual, royalty-free, non-exclusive license to use their name, picture, likeness, voice, biography and submission (or any part of them) in any way, form or manner that the Facilitator chooses, including for advertising, promotional or publicity purposes, and including but not limited to promotional videos, press releases, television, radio, newsletters, tweets and other social media posts.

8.5 The participants hereby waive, for no consideration, any right or claim with regard to the use of their photographs, names or their information by the Facilitator in the scope of any publication or other use concerning the Competition. The foregoing does not impose any obligation on the Facilitator to publish the photos, names, products, information and/or the wining itself.

8.6 Facilitator will have the intellectual property rights (including copyrights and trademarks) in all publications and photographs specified above and any future development or derivatives of it.
9. Representations and Indemnities
9.1 By entering the Competition, each participant accepts these Official Rules, and hereby states and guarantees that all its submissions: (a) are original and the participant has the rights to participate in the Competition; (b) are not in breach of third party rights, including rights related to trademarks, patents, and industrial secrets, copyright, rights arising from agreements or licenses, rights related to privacy, moral rights, rights of publicity or image rights; (c) are not intrinsically defamatory or outrageous nor do they have any content capable of damaging the name, the honor or the reputation of the Facilitator, or of any subject involved in the Competition; and (d) do not contain characteristics aimed to promote offensive, threatening or intimidating behavior or any other form of harassment.

9.2 The participants in the Competition agree, upon submission of its candidacy, to fully indemnify and hold harmless the Facilitator from any proceeding or claim made by any third party, for infringement of any rights held by any third parties, to the maximum extent permitted by law.

9.3 Without prejudice to the above, upon submission of its candidacy, the participant hereby authorizes the Facilitator to: (a) use its/his/her name, company name and image for promotional and advertising purposes, as well as the name, the image and the symbols identifying the project submitted; (b) make available to the public material of the project on any of its websites or on third-party website/s; (c) exhibit the project and related material during possible conferences, conventions and seminars; and (d) notify to third-parties interested the information required to invest in development, marketing and economic exploitation of the project.
10. Miscellaneous
10.1 The results of the Competition, or any matter relating to them, as determined by the Facilitator, will be final, definitive and not open to appeal.

10.2 The Facilitator holds the sole and exclusive discretion in any matter whatsoever pertaining to the Competition, including the Official Rules, the duration of the Competition and the beginning and the end of the participation in the Competition.

10.3 The Facilitator shall decide any controversy, matter or issue with regard to the Competition, including in the event of a violation of these Official Rules, disqualification of participants, and in any case of a misunderstanding, doubt or difficulty in connection with the Competition, including the interpretation of these Official Rules. The decisions and resolutions of the Facilitator with respect to these Official Rules will be final, definitive and not open for appeal, and the participants will have no claim or demand against the Facilitator or its representatives in these regards.

10.4 The Facilitator may at any time, in its sole discretion and for any reason, terminate or cancel the Competition, modify the Official Rules, modify the conditions of competition and participation, extend or shorten the competition or other dates and/or the number of nominees selected in the competition and/or the number of winners chosen and/or the Award, including in an event that there has been a malfunction, disruption, prevention or interruption which may prevent or delay the ability to participate in the Competition, including technical failure, mechanical failure, and/or human error.

10.5 The Facilitator will publish the termination, revocation or modification (as applicable) of the Competition in any way it sees fit, in its sole discretion. For the avoidance of doubt, the execution of the cancellation or any such change shall be deemed as a supplement or modification to these Official Rules, and shall bind the participants.

10.6 If a participant (including a winner) violates the terms or conditions of these Official Rules, including because it was not eligible to enter into the Competition, or that it violated the provisions of any law or regulation or, that it improperly reached the final stage or the next stage of the process or to win the Award, the Facilitator may, in its discretion, cancel its participation.

10.7 For the avoidance of doubt, these Official Rules are purely for the purpose of a marketing competition, and shall not be considered as an illegal game or competition as defined in Section 224 of the Israeli Penal Code, due to the fact that winning the Award depends on skill and ability, and does not depend on chance or fate.