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Challenge Description


RISE CHALLENGE is an open innovation platform to find novel solutions to heath challenges and unmet patient needs worldwide, with the help of crowds and creative communities.

Solver communities comprise entrepreneurs, innovators, scientists, researchers, designers, academy students, and anyone who wants to contribute to a world of better health.

The RISE CHALLENGE platform presents open health challenges coming from patient groups, health providers and care organizations, in ‘waves’ of time-limited competitions, and calls the crowds to suggest solutions. The best solutions are promoted to be executed and address the original needs.

The larger and more accurate are the approached crowds – the greater chances to get relevant and effective solutions.

On the other hand, the worldwide health challenges and patient needs are huge, but are not explicitly communicated. The more health related organizations introduced to the platform – the more challenges that could be communicated to the crowds and hence – potentially can be solved.

RISE CHALLENGE is uniquely positioned in the healthcare domain. Used boldly and properly – the RISE challenge platform could create an immense impact – surfacing many unmet needs/challenges and finding effective solutions for them.

The challenge

We are looking for fresh ideas and models on how to expand the reach of RISE CHALLENGE platform to greater solver communities on the ones hand, and to greater health-related organizations (seekers) on the other hand, in order to maximize its potential contribution to the world.
(It could be crowdsourcing at its best – harnessing crowds to solve a crowdsourcing challenge)    


Descrıbe your suggested plans/ ideas/ models in detail, including assumptions and methods used.

Include in your proposal – the numbers of audiences (seekers or solvers) approached over time, the sources, the engaging methods, the process complexity and costs involved


Key emphases

Higher ranking will be given to a structured, solid and pragmatic approach that has a real chance to accelerate audiences from both sides    

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