Asthma Inhaler Design Challenge

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Challenge Description


Asthma is a common chronic disease among children and adolescents, which increases in rate worldwide. Adherence to the treatment is not sufficient, for several reasons like inconvenience of treatment, forgetfulness, laziness or carelessness. There are unique factors for low adherence of youths such as awkwardness of taking medication when at school or out with friends, denial of being asthmatic and lack of understanding about the need for long-term preventive treatment, especially at symptom-free periods (R Dinwiddie, J R Soc Med. 2002 Feb; 95(2): 68–71).

In this challenge, we invite you to design a cool and trendy case, cover or bag for inhalers in order to assist teenagers to overcome their inhaler related embarrassment, which may improve their medication compliance by using a trendy accessory.

The design challenge

Design a case or other accessory that transforms kids/teens inhalers into trendy and fashionable devices.  

The design should fit common inhaler dimensions: 9cm height x 3cm x 3 cm base


  1. Describe your product/solution include sketch/drawing/graphics
  2. Elaborate on manufacturing costs and end-consumer price
  3. (Optional) Make prototype for young kids (5-8), kids (8-12) and teens (12-15)

Key emphases

Better ranking will be given to devices that are affordable (as kid may wish to have more than one cover) and have versatile design to fit different tastes and fashions.

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